Viral is a 3D first-person game. In Viral you play an antibody, and in order to finish the game you'll have to complete 10 missions, in which you'll face different kinds of bacteria and an infection from an unknown virus.


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How to play


For playing Viral from your PC you only need your browser (better if Chrome or Firefox): just follow this link.

Use the mouse to navigate menus, and keyboard or gamepad in the main game screen.
If you're using a keyboard these are the keys (which, BTW, can be changed in the options menu): If you have a gamepad you can use it to control: NB: to make the game (well, the browser ;) detect the gamepad just press a button.


In Android all controls are touch based: For a better experience on Android, I suggest to install and use the app. The application can be downloaded from here (you'll need to enabled unknown software sources to install). Also, the game will be soon available on Google Play.

In alternative, you can also try to use browser, but in this case keep in mind that: