Pybots is a programming game inspired by CROBOTS, and is developed with Python.
Basically you have to write a python class that will control a pybot which will fight with other pybots. You can give your pybot its own hardware and its own action algorithm, then you can choose your competitors and fight one or many times in different sized arenas.

You can "program" your pybot by writing a function that tells him how to act and will be called periodically by the engine, while pybot's hardware is made by just setting some class attributes in your python code.
You can choose your pybot's speed, the thickness of his armour and many other things... but each of these things has a "cost", and dependig on the total cost of your pybot it could not be admitted to fight into the game... the maximum pybot cost available for a game is actually configurable, but it's not really fair to compete with lower-cost pybots. Or maybe it would be great to defeat higher-cost pybots. :-)

Pybots is under GNU GPL License, so you can freely download and use it.

If this game will be successful you will also be able to post your Pybots on this site, as I will keep a Pybot archive. Meanwhile, if you develop a Pybot and want to share it you can send me the python script via e-mail.

Download Pybots

How to create your own Pybot and play

In the archive you will find some simple examples and also Alex I, a little more challenging pybot I have developed. See if you can beat it :-)
You can also download just Alex I.