Virtual Mouse Driver

What is Virtual Mouse Driver

Virtual Mouse Driver is a module for the linux 3.3 kernel I wrote which allows you to create a "fake" mouse device, controlled from the keyboard. It's useful if you want to run X-Windows without a mouse.

I made all tests on an i386 platform. If you manage to make it work on a different platform please let me know that!

How to install it

First, download the tarball. Extract it and refer to the README file.

Old kernel versions

There are old versions of Virtual Mouse working with 2.2 and 2.4 kernel.
These versions come in form of kernel patch, so you'll need the full kernel sources in order to make it work.

The 2.4 versione was a patch for 2.4.18 kernel, and you can find the archive here. Extract int and refer to the README file.
I kept the old (really really old) 2.2 kernel page here. There you'll find the instructions you need to download and install that version of Virtual Mouse.