Icaros is the project for the course of Operating System and Informatic Laboratory 2.
The goal of the project was the realization of an operating system for MPS, the MIPS emulator developed by Mauro Morsiani. We started from TINA, which was a project made by the students of the past years.
TINA gave us some basic system calls, like semaphore P and V, syscall for creating and terminating threads, and some others. Forthermore, TINA implements the scheduler.

With ICAROS we have added a second layer of system calls, a process loader and the virtal memory manager.
Basically ICAROS includes: Here you will find more informations about the ICAROS project, and the MPS emulator.

Here you will find our version of ICAROS. It was developed by me, Daniele Scattaglia, Andrea Venturoli, Giampiero Censori and Daniele Ventura.