Rusty Pilot

Rusty Pilot is a game developed with Rust.

In the game you control a space ship and the goal of the game is to safely land on a platform avoiding all obstacles.

Before the game starts you can select a map and environment and space ship parameteres like gravity, fuel, etc... or click the "Random" button to let the game pick some random values for you. Once you are ready just click "Play".

Game controls: on PC, the game can be played with a mouse, rotating the ship by moving it and using the button to activate the engine, or using arrow keys and space bar.
On a mobile phone touching the left half of the screen will turn the engine on, and swiping up and down on the right part of the screen will rotate the ship.

The landing platform is a green stripe you'll see in the game. You need to approach it from above at slow speed with the ship pointing up.
Right below the ship you'll see the fuel bar (you'd better land before the fuel is gone). Also, left of the fuel bar you'll see a green light if the ship is in the right asset for landing.
Keep in mind that your ship is very (very!!) fragile: so don't hit walls, asteroids, or the edge of the screen.

You can play here and find sources here.