In this game you have to fill a big square, which we'll call board, with little squares, which we'll call "pieces".

Every piece has a color and a number.

You can place pieces in the board by moving the cursor with the arrow keys and pushing space or enter to place them.
You can place a piece only if: and Two pieces match if they have either the same color or the same number.

You can see the piece you'll have to place on the top left of the screen.

Once you've filled a row or a column with pieces, all the pieces in that row or column will turn into pyramids.

If you can't (or don't want to) place a piece you can put it into the "stack" by pressing ESC or BackSpace.
By doing this, you use a slot in the stack. When you finish stack slots and you are forced to drop a piece, the game ends and you lose.

You can recall pieces from the stack and place them into the board with the number keys (1-6) or function keys (F1-F6)... in order to do this you'll have to follow the same rules you follow when you place a piece with the space key.

The stack size (from 0 to 6) may vary, depending on the game type you've choosed. If you choose a game type with less than six stack slots you will see red crosses on the slots that are disabled for the current game.

Besides, depending on the game type you choosed, you will probably have a time limit to complete your move (you should see a progress bar indicating the time left on the top right of the screen). Once this time expires you'll be forced to put the current piece in the stack (and if the stack is full you've lost).

Well, good luck!

Choose Game Type

Classic (no timeout, 8x8 board, 3 stack cells)
Small (no timeout, 5x5 board, 3 stack cells)
Large (8 sec. timeout, 9x9 board, 6 stack cells)
Thinkin' fast (5 sec. timeout, 7x7 board, 3 stack cells)
Minimum stack (no timeout, 8x8 board, 1 stack cell)
Panic (3 sec. timeout, 6x6 board, 2 stack cells)

Inkastro Credits

Graphics, Java code, and all the dirty work by Alessandro Pira.

The original idea is from a Palm game I saw, unfortunately I can't remember its name.
Many thanks to Linus Torvalds for Linux, to GIMP developers for GIMP, to Christian and Marco for playtesting and brainstorming, and to Andrea for showing me that there is somebody that would play this game.