Battle for Wesnoth on Android

Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy turn-based strategy game. It's a great game, and if you like the genre you should really try it up.
Of course, I did not created the game itself, which is open-source and has grown throughout years with the effort of a lot of people; I just ported it to Android.

The port is available on Google Play (well, it was not so simple and it's quite a long story, but right now it's there [*]) and also published on SourceForge, where you can find full sources along with APKs.

Follow this link to go to SourceForge file repository.

Follow this link to go to Google Play app page.

At the moment, 1.10.7, 1.12.6 and 1.14.17 APK (and sources) are available. Since it's a very old release, 1.10.7 is available on SourceForge only.

If you like my port and want to support me to continue upgrading please consider a donation, using the following button:

For more information a FAQ page is available.

[*] If you are interested, more details about Google Play story have been explained on Wensoth official forums (alep is my nickname there).